Tips and advice on how to prolong sexual intercourse, ejaculation, and ejaculation

Prolong Sexual Intercourse

Premature ejaculation, too short sexual intercourse, and too fast ejaculation are problems that can only begin much unnoticed. This is also why many men tend to underestimate them, and these types of problems are usually in the background compared to the more well-known erection problems. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate or ignore them. Continue Reading

How to Talk About Sex with your partner

Talk About Sex

Imagine you going to a restaurant and the waiter serves you a meal without asking or without taking your order. Imagine a gardener who cuts bushes according to him and plant the roses of his choice. When it comes to sex many people think that they know everything about their partner’s needs, there are some who don’t even care about the needs, likes, or dislike of their better halves. Continue Reading