Average Age to Lose Virginity
Average Age to Lose Virginity

Is there any right to time to lose virginity? Well, according to the survey most of the teens regret losing their virginity too soon. One-third of women and a quarter of men have admitted having sex too early or in the early 20s was not the right time for them.

Legally, people must be 16 or above to consent to sex.

Every year new data from an annual survey released showing the number of high school students having sex. But the graph of teens who have had sex if going down constantly every year.

In many people’s lives, first-time sex plays a very important role. In teenage life, many of us have talked about sex, if we are ready or not, what it would be like, and many more. Isn’t it a time to rethink the concept of losing virginity? Mostly women are the ones who described as doing ‘losing’ and the men are taking. It is always said that virginity is something that is taken by the men and women should protect their virginity or sexuality because if not then women are always seen as blemished or used. In many societies, women are worthy only when they are virgins or untouched.

“Losing the virginity” or “give up” is kind of negative connotation so instead of that let us call it “sexual debut”

There is a survey also looked at sexual readiness, if a person is ready or we can say reasonably make a mature decision about whether to have sex or not. It should not be like the decision made under peer pressure.

Although, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men have accepted that they and their partner had not been on the same page to have sex at the same time and experienced some pressure to have intercourse.

Although there are many surveys that result in positive outcomes, like 9 in 10 people use the reliable method during sex such as contraception.

So, when is the right time?

The answer of this question is only with you. Ask yourself

  • If you are ready?
  • If it feels right for you?
  • Do you love your partner?
  • Do your partner love you as much as you do?
  • Have you got full knowledge of contraception to prevent pregnancy?
  • Have you talked about HIV or STD with your partner?
  • Do you feel any kind of pressure from your friends or anyone?
  • Are you doing to just show off just to stand in your group?
  • Are having sex just to be close to your partner?
  • Are you doing it because you have fear to lose your partner?

If you answer all these questions honestly then you can make a mature decision to make your sexual debut.

So, To all the teens who are reading this, when you are ready to make a sexual debut with your partner who is also ready by all means, use proper precautions. Do not hesitate or feel shame to use it. You can use online stores to get your contraception.

There is no excuse!