Imagine you going to a restaurant and the waiter serves you a meal without asking or without taking your order. Imagine a gardener who cuts bushes according to him and plant the roses of his choice. When it comes to talk about sex many people think that they know everything about their partner’s needs, there are some who don’t even care about the needs, likes, or dislikes of their better halves.

It is absolutely okay to keep some things private like your fantasies which you don’t want to share with someone and want to enjoy on your own, but talking about sex with your partner is also very important. Whether it is for one night or a lifetime there are things that must be talked with your partner which will make your relationship more satisfying and fun.

Sex is a positive uplifting act and one of the most intimate things that you can do with your partner. It is a truth that you will be much happier in your life if you will open up, even in sex, you will notice so many benefits once you communicate about sex with your partner. By sharing your likes and dislikes you will know more about how to please each other.

“You might feel uncomfortable but once you open up about your needs It may transform your relationship”

Do many people think that is it a good idea to talk about sex? Well, it’s never good to complain rather clear it beforehand. So how to start? Here are some tips that will help your sex talk more productive and enjoyable.

1) Do not wait, go straight away

It’s always better to speak early. Talking about sex early in a relationship is always good and rather taking time. As much time you take, It will become harder and harder for you to open up share your insights about sex. When it comes to fantasies start slow, like first share your vanilla fantasies and then slowly build up your level, it will help to build a stronger relationship and more comfortability between you and your partner.

2) It is never too late to start

If you and your partner have not spoken about sex for years and want a change, It is time now. Do not hesitate to talk, think about what you want, and make your future better. There can be a communication problem for older people but if you want to relaunch your life then this is a time, talk to your partner and be satisfied.

3) Have a clear mindset and explain

Unless you won’t speak your partner will never understand what you want. If you don’t like sex after having a meal or if you feel bad breath after sipping coffee, tell them that. otherwise, they will never understand why they are being pushed away and feel rejected.

4) Listen and ask question

It is well said that if you want to be a good speaker then first be a good listener. There are many people who do not like to listen they spend their time thinking about what to say next, rather than really listening. So, how to achieve this? Try to accept what you are hearing, ask them to tell you more, how can you improve your habits. Most of the time people think that they are right and other perspectives are wrong, please fix this and you will find these conversations easier.

I hope you will find this helpful here is a little tip.

“There is nothing wrong in saying no which you don’t like and not comfortable with. Just be positive and let your partner know what you really enjoy”