Is there any right age to begin having sex?

According to the experts, 18 is defined as the right Ideal age for sex for both men and women for a first sexual experience. However, there other many theories which suggest otherwise.

Despite the controversies, most of the young people in many countries become sexually active before adulthood.

According to the reports of 2017, there are 42% of never-married female teenagers aged between 15-19 and 38% of never-married male teenagers had sexual intercourse.

Also, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, in their study mentioned that first-time sexual experience is classified as early, normative and late. If it occurs before 15 then it is early. normative if it occurs between 15 and 19 and late after 19.

now the question arises, does age make any difference to have sex at an early stage? Does it create any problem or benefit in the future? Well, there is a huge report describing the risks and rewards of sexual induction during adolescence and after.

It is important to consider the ideal age for sex first-time sexual experience and keeping the potential risks like pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease be recognized. Researches have constantly proven that adolescents who have sexual intercourse at an early stage (before age 15) are less to use contraception than those who have the first experience in the normative or late groups.

If we talk about gender difference then the male who starts early are more likely to be more aggressive on the other hand early starting females are more inclined to depression than late starters. Although both male and female take the first time as a positive experience.

What about adolescent sex? Are there any positive aspects? Well, many studies have reported adult sex-positive as it provides psychological benefits which include stress relief, good health, and lower mortality. There are both positive and negative aspects of having first time sex at adolescents, whether early, normative, or late.

There are many results shows that having early sex tends to be associated with a high risk of depression, loneliness, substance abuse and poor self-worth.

It is not necessary, the early sexual debut is always that bad. However, young people who begin early have a lower feeling of self-worth as compared to those who start late. Also, early starters have higher levels of romantic appeal and report greater sexual satisfaction. In the case of females, it is somewhat opposite.

If we sum up, the results show that young people who delay their first sexual experience are more mature and good at making decisions about contraception and precautions against disease and are equipped with social skills. Sex-education is a good way to discuss the results, pros and cons to the young generation and let them make their mind about when to have first sex.  

There are many things to learn from this research but some limitations. In many countries, it is very controversial to talk on this topic or to discuss this with the young generation. Knowing that having first-time sex whether it is early, normative or late can be both risky as well as rewarding that allows young people to make choices about what can be the most important decisions of their lives.